Master AI with Promptwise

Your ultimate tool for prompt engineering and refinement.

Precision prompt refinement

Data-driven comparisons

Score all model outputs, gain a clear statistical breakdown across prompt versions, and understand the token implications of each revision.

Token transparency

View tokens in every input, ensuring clarity on model interpretation. Pinpoint impactful alterations using the diff-viewer.

Cost conscious

Gain insights into projected costs based on input tokens and average outputs, letting you refine prompts for cost-effectiveness.

A better playground

Diverse model choices

Compare prompt performance across models from leading providers like OpenAI and Cohere, and Anthropic.

Fail-safe experimentation

Every version you craft is saved and revisable, letting you iterate with utmost confidence.

Dynamic input testing

Integrate multiple input slots and simultaneously test with diverse samples.

Optimize your AI workflow

Intelligent output analysis

With tools like failure-patterns, automatically score outputs and filter out biases, ensuring accurate and consistent results.

Unified prompt management

Seamlessly save, manage, and collaborate on prompts, accommodating both individual innovators and collaborative teams

Tailored testing environment

Create and utilize a bespoke sample library, maintaining rigorous testing standards across all your prompts.

Accelerate your AI Mastery

with the comprehensive toolkit offered by Promptwise.


The essential tool for prompt engineering.

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